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[QUOTE=meddguy;3313437]jerry--You need to come up with a solid plan. that is the key. You have to a caregiver or someone to confide in about this. Is there someone? You basically have two options 1) go the suboxone route, I chose not to do that because it was VERY expensive and I didnt want to continue being addicted to meds. 2) taper properly WITH the support of a friend or loved one. I know it seems really hard right now, but how strong of a person are you? I bet you could be one of the strongest on if you tried.

keep posting


jerry, i just want to clear up one thing as far as the sub goes. yes, it is very expensive, but you just might be able to find a doc that takes your insurance, they are few and far between, but they are out there. also, some might take pay up front and you can submit to insurance for reimbursement. the 8mg pill run about 5 - 6 $ apiece, but, again, your ins. might pick it up. if not, and you choose to, i cant try to point you in the direction of a couple discount cards that i have found on the net.
also, as far as being addicted to the sub goes, i beg to differ with your opinion meddguy ;) , but you are not actually addicted to the sub. with addiction comes the horrible behaviors like drug seeking, tolerance build-up, self destructive behaviors, etc. but dependancy to a drug is just that, you are dependent on the drug to function day to day. but you dont get high off of them and you are no longer practicing addictive behaviors. so i feel that there is a benefit to switching over if quitting or tapering is not an option. because while you are using sub you can live in recovery without worrying about the things that you did while addicted to your doc.

i will always believe that being able to quit or taper is the best way to go. i wish i would have had the courage and ability to do that. especially because i dont have pain to deal with anymore day to day. but i chose the sub route and it is the better choice for some people, but not all.

jerry, again, i wish you great luck with whatever you decide to do, i just want to give you a well informed view on the sub route. im not saying that it would be the better route for you. it might not even help with your pain. i dont know if it will. some have reported that it does, some have reported that it doesnt. but a well informed decision is always that way to go. yes?

take care jerry, talk soon,

michelle :D

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