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Thanks for all your posts, especially Reach and Link. I too have PTSD and am taking antidepressants that do help. I believe that this is true withdraw and I am so scared to go down on the norco. I went from 50 mcg of fentanyl to 8 norcos a day. On monday it will two weeks and am thinking I should go down by a half. I have not brought this up to my doc yet, is it too fast? I don't know, I want off this stuff so bad, I am already detoxing A LOT and have to go back to work twice a week next week. Monday was so hard, I am already freaking out over the "possibilty" that it might happen again. I have to stay in the moment. Here right now in the present. Monday is not for five more days. Today my back is spasming, my stomach is in cramps and I can not get myself to take a shower, sorry for the details but honesty. I did go to the grocery store to get a multimineral and gatorade. It was hard because it's the day before thanksgiving and it was a mad house.
I will keep up the posts, and I am starting a journal today. I also will use some of the tips that link pointed out.
tat thanks for being there.

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