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Hi good people,
I have posted here, but am still under the grip of a complex addiction to hydrocodone and soma and can't seem to complete a detox. I have been addicted for a long time and have tried to detox in the last month with no avail. I have some complex issues that is keeping from getting past my first day or two (tried several times). These issues are due to long term abuse of these drugs. These issues (Health) are eshogus errosion, stomach errosion, L4-L5 herniated and buldging disc and teeth and gum problems. So far I have tried getting into treatment centers but they have long waiting list and I need help NOW! I have tried to taper these drugs with, so far, no sucess. I have had no sucess with doctors on this matter and have just wasted money trying to to get help from them. I am currently taking 25 Norcos (Hydro) and 15 soma a day. I am mentally and physically run down with depression from H***. The soma seems to be the toughest of my battle. I feel suicidal sometimes, but want to live. This addiction runs in my family also. I have already lost 2 brothers from addiction and 1 from a car accident. My mother also had a stroke this year and I feel I have been dealt a really bad hand here in life. I want to make things better for myself, but I feel like these killers have got such a hold on me that there seems to be no way out. I have tried the thomas recipe with no sucess. I don't think that sub is a route because of my throat/stomach errosion and also the fact that I am on the soma, as well.
If someone has some advice that can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!

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