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Hey first of all, you came to the right place. It's a good step. I know this must feel horrible and almost hopeless. I was in it seems like the same place you are in a little over two weeks ago. first off, do you have a doctor? How are you getting the norco's? Have you tried clonidine? What I had to do because inpatient was not an option was completely admit that I did want help, and that I did not want the rest of my life to be run on pain or pain pills. I had surgery in April but struggled with this prior to that. I may have chronic pain forever but one cannot truly evaluate their level of pain until their brain's and bodies have come back into balance. That of course is my opinion. What I had and I mean had to do was go with my docs suggestion. He only gives me two days worth. I also have to take the clonidine, it's a blood pressure medicine that helps with the jitters, anxiety and some of the other symptoms except for diarhea. Get immodium. I also take nexium and sometimes prilosec for when it gets real bad. I had to allow the clonidine to work, please if you are going to taper reach for that first. If you feel your doctor will not do this, can you have someone else hold them for you? You have to get rid of what you have and only take what the taper will be. I know you're probably thinking I've tried that she's not making this easier. It's not easy, anyway you do it, it's not easy. It takes more than willpower but this site is a great support and keep posting!!!! Even if you relapse, we are still here, we all have just keep posting and don't worry others will be here soon to offer their advice. I hope to hear from you again. Oh by the way it's okay to say anything, but do not talk about suicide, IT IS NOT AN OPTION. By the way they've put up with me for the past few days and I've been nothing but a big whiner!! lol

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