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I was in the hospital Oct 3-27 for two lung surgeries and was given Percocet with occasional Dilauded and Morphine for pain. I was sent home with Percocet 5/325 and 7.5/500 Lortab and have followed this schedule since then:

Week 1: 1 Percocet every three hours (8 per day).
Week 2: 1 Percocet every four hours (6 per day).
Week 3: 1 Percocet every 5-6 hours, as needed (4-6 per day).
Week 4: 1 Percocet, 3 Lortab per day (4 per day).
Week 5: 1 Percocet, 3 Lortab per day (4 per day).

I now don't think I am allowing myself to tolerate ANY pain--I should be seeing improvement in my feeling, but seem to feel more discomfort that is generalized (vs. the sharp pain I had before) and less results when I take the meds. This made me feel I should take more--but my docs say I am healing beautifully.

So... two days ago I decided to cut to 3 per day and discovered withdrawal symptoms! It scared the hell out of me and I took my last Percocet about 26 hours ago, skipping the dose before that one. My symptoms: diarhea, cold sweats, yawning, chills, extremely achy joints, runny nose, restlessness.

I want this crap out of my system. I read home detox and took Nyquil before bed last night and Dayquil this morning. It helped with achy joints and sleep at night. The worst part is that I want to sleep it off today, but am so uncomfortable and restless I am ready to scream and climb the walls. I took a bath, am bundled up, but my body hurts to lay down (joints). I am downing OJ, apples, bananas, and water. Any suggestions you make that might make me more comfortable will be appreciated. I took the day off work and the weekend is around the corner.

I have never had an addiction problem but have been on meds for nearly two months. Please share the cycles/time frame I should expect until I am human again. It is so good to know I am not alone.

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