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Hey JWF I am sorry to see you back hear. I have followed your story for several years now and have seen you on the boards a lot so this shouldn't be any different than the usual withdrawls you have been through over and over again. basically you will have the flu again. I came off percocet one time and it was pretty hard one me but my dose was way lower than what you have been taking, have you been chewing them?. it last a few weeks but got better. I have never come off oxycontins and have never taken the dose your on so I can't say how bad its going to be but you have been eating 160 mgs a day, so I imagine its gonna be pretty awful, but nothing you can't handle and haven't handled in the past. your gonna be sick but because you were not using for very long, I think you can handle this and get through it.

good luck and I hope this time your sobriety will stick..


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