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do you get sick if u take a percocet then a suboxone?
What was the reason for taking both? You probably wont get SICK sick....but they do recommend being in mild to moderate withdrawals before beginning the Sub treatment. It HAS also been known to bring on w'd symptoms if it was started correctly (or if there was still high levels of opiates in the system). I'm no expert though - and I'm sure you'll get a bunch of responses to your question so I'm sure if i have given you ay wrong info that I will be corrected.....

Tell us more, ok? And good luck.

[QUOTE=gabby01;3346429]do you get sick if u take a percocet then a suboxone?[/QUOTE]

Has your healthcare provider prescribed both? Probably not, but if so, more details here, eh?

You will not get clean taking drugs. If you want recovery, talk honestly, totally, 100%, no b.s., honestly with your doc.

If you don't want to get clean more than anything else in the whole world, you will not get clean.

I wish you the best,


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