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[QUOTE=ahickey1;3348147]Hey Muriel, I learned a lot from that thread. It was ery interesting and true. What I'm going through now brings back memories of my past that I had altogether put in the deepest part of my brain. By the way it's 1:12 in the morning and although I cannot sleep right now I am not feeling as bad as I did today. [B]Will the withdraws return tommrrow???????[/B] All I can think about is sleep. I close my eyes and my mind runs wild. Still can't sleep. :([/QUOTE]

I know what you're saying AHickey. Struggling with the re-awakened addiction demon bites it.

I'm glad you did not feel as bad yesterday.

Although this is Thursday a.m., I'll still pass along this about sleeping and lack thereof. You had asked earlier in this thread about taking Nyquil to see if you can sleep. For me, I don't take it as it has alcohol. I avoid anything with alcohol in it for obvious reasons.

Benadryl can be useful for some people in aiding sleep. It doesn't contain alcohol or other addictive properties. It is sometimes offered in treatment to aid sleep.

Hang in, AHickey. It sounds as though the worst is behind you.

You know what you did to recover from your previous coke addiction. You can do the same to help with what you're experiencing with the opiates.

Wishing you the very best,


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