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[B]I Am the furthest thing from a DR. you will ever meet. [/B]
I'm not suggesting this to anyone but it worked for me and many others I have helped. Like I said _ Don't try this at home : )

This is a method of comfortably withdrawing from opiates. I've been addicted to numerous opiates at various times. Morphine by Injection, Oxycontin by injection, percocet (oxycodone) Vicodin (hydrocodone) , Heroin, to name a few. I've suffered long term withdrawals between 20 and 30 times from extremely high levels of opiates. I've been in detox and I've been on Suboxone twice. I'm drug free now. This is how I did it. Completly pain free. As if I never quit the drugs...
[B]Works best to get off Suboxone which [B]does[/B] cause painful withdrawal.[/B] Regardless of what your DR read in some book.

First - See a DR. Start Suboxone. Follow his directions exactly! Get down to half a 2mg tablet a day. The day after your last dose :

Day 1. Take daytime cold medicine, twice a day. along with ibuprofen. FInd [B]a non drug user [/B]to give you ONE 5mg oxycodone (NOT Oxycontin ) OR hydrocone 7.5 mg = Equivalent doses.
Take one perc or vike in morning and one at night. BUT Only when given to you by a NON drug abuser who will NOT give you more than suggested above... At night take a night time sleep aid. Like a PM medicine. Combine with a [B]small [/B]dose of nightime cough medicine. Should sleep pretty good first night.

Day 2. Repeat all the steps in Step one but cut dose of oxycodone or hydrocodone in half. May be harder to sleep tonight. Second night is usually the worst!!!!!! Up cough syrup dose if needed. Not exceeding a tablespoon

Day 3. Same as day 2. However cut perc or vike dose to [B]half a pill[/B] mid day. Dont forget cough medicine at night and daytime cold meds during day.

Follow step 3 for days four and five.

Day 6. Stop taking the narcotics completely (stop Perc and Vike) and continue the cold meds. Lighten up on the cough syrup and sleep aids.

Day 7. Last day on cold meds. Sleep aids only if you're an addict in that respect. I take seroquel. By RX.

Day 8. Withdrawal symptoms should be almost non existent. If you're tired drink an extra coffee or redbull. This is the end of withdrawal road. Virtually a pain free ride. I've tried Everthing else under the sun and this is what worked for me. And several of my friends. It feels better to be clean I assure you.

I'm by far any type of DR. [B]Obviously.[/B] But I've lived through it and I know. [B]Not from a book but from reality[/B]!
Immediately start seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist who will help you stay clean.

Gd luck. J.

If this post gets removed its sad. It's a shame and many will suffer without it.
Like I said this is just my story. I Cant reccomend it to anyone.

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