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Hey Fitz,

If you're at 1 week off suboxone, your probably at about peak withdrawl right now. Sub stays in the system for at least 3 days, and usually the 3rd day of detoxong is the worst...whcih is right about where you're at now.

Can I ask, what dose of sub did you stop should have weaned down to 0.25 mg before stopping. Too many people try to do the final sub taper too fast, and stop too soon, because they feel bad already and think they might as well "get it over with".

My guess with your 5 day methadone detox was your brains receptors weren't so messed up way back then. I don't know how long you have been on the sub either, but short term detoxes are really tough, and in my opinion it's never a good idea to try to detox during stressful times, like during the holidays. I know someone else trying right now, but mainly because this is her break from college, and shes pregnant, but she's feeling badly too.

My advice, and I'm not a doctor, would be to take some tiny pieces of sub as needed for a while...just a little 1 mg piece will make you feel better....That is if things get too bad. Remember, the suboxone has been satisfying all those extra brain receptors you developed from opiate use, and it's only now tha they are going to really have a chance to heal, and they are going to make you feel like sh** until you give them what they want or they mellow out, and it's a long battle. Exercise is your best defense. I was feeling really blue yesterday, took a 2 mile walk in the brisk weather, and felt better.....a lot bettter. You have to really force the exercise when you feel like crap though, I know!

Bobby, the other thing with sub is, it is an opiate, but one that doesn't make you high or crave more of it...So if taken over a long period of time, along with counceling and therapy to help you identify and learn to deal with your triggers, it can be a wonder drug for those who were unable to quit on their own. It's still a powerful opiate though, and the detox is never a breeze, as many doctors would lead you to believe. But for someone who has tried repeatedly on their own to quit and was unable, suboxone can be a lifesaver. It's really just a tool, but suboxone alone won't cure have to do the work and change your way of thinking.

I did detox from sub last summer, a little to quickly but all the way down to .25 mg a day, and I made it a month without any terrible withdrawl. I did relapse as a result of a cheating partner and not being able to menatlly deal with that, but I've been ina program for 1 year as of yesterday and will be doing my final detox over the next few months. I'm currently at 2 mg, which is still a super powerful amount of opiate.

Hang in there Fitz...there's no shame in taking some slivers of the sub as needed for a while....Just don't do anything foolish like go out and score after all you're hard're almost there and things will definately get better in time. Best regards!!


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