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Help please
Dec 23, 2007
Hi, my name is Bobby and here is my story. I have been taking percocet for 5 years straight....between 4-6 per started with an injury and became a habit when the mild injury was fine. During these 5 years I would work in my own business...landscaping.....go on vacations (yes, I bought and counted enuff meds for the trip) go shopping with my house like a slob LOL.....never had constipation or any negative adverse reaction or event from the percs.....I would take one in the morning....go to work....after lunch do a half...come home do some yard work...take a shower and do 1 dinner (and I mean this...I am italian and never had a problem eating at all, never) I was living a full life with my wife whom I love with all my heart as does she......we have a great relationship.....she works kids.....I am a young 54 she is 45....I worked out and is amazing that I led a full life and no one knew except my wife...I would tell her I need 4 a day for the pain, but that was a lie....I just liked the extra buzz it gave......yes I was addicted and still am......anyway all this changed on December 8 two weeks ago......I had bought 30mg oxy's and cut them in quarters because of their severity.....I had hurt my hand so I probably took a little too much that was around 4am in the morning and i was watching tv.....thank God I am on vacation until March 1st.....I developed a bad headache and b4 going to bed I reached for 3 excedrins xtra strenght to get rid of my headache......I put them back in the bottle and said, "I better not because of the acetaminophen in them might boost this oxycodone to high levels....then i changed my mind and around 6am i was falling asleep....the headache was going away and I felt was getting light outside and i opened my eyes and the whole room was spinning...i got up was real dizzy....freaking wife was going to call the ambulance but I told her to give me a minute.....i tried to get sick but couldn't....i sat on my bed and felt better 1 hour later....fell asleep for 6 hours....and when I woke up and walked into the living room, I had zero balance...real dizzy.....


now I was dying of liver-kidney-brain damage...the likes.....I am panic attacking.....I go see 2 doctors...they run tests...everything is was the aceta that interfered with the oxy and all was normal. well that was a relief....but since that day I still feed the habit to get through xmas, but forget it.....the guilt of doing them now is unimaginable.....I wake up sweating....panic attacks...pacing my house for hours while my wife is at work...sleeping with my cat in the whole world is in total chaos now...I mean upside down.....I have zero apetite even though I am starving...My wife is an angel...she makes me a sandwich and makes me eat it....buys ensures by the case and gatorade and vitamins....I have xanax from the doc to take the edge off....I can not put my wife through this....I am going into a detox facility the day after xmas if not wife and I are checking into places....I live in NJ so any ideas would be welcomed.....I was thinking of the Waismann Institute in California, I talked to a doctor there and he said that most rehabs/detox centers even the vey expensive ones give you subutex or suboxone to help withdrawal symtons.....he also said people get addicted to that then because it is a 50% opiod....I researched this and found out to be dead on...I don't want anymore crap in me that I have to depend we are trying to make a decision quick....I can not put my darling wife through this...that's killing me more then my addiction.....I have to quit...I don't want anymore crap in me that I have to depend on....I remember being on vacation 5 years ago with nothing in my systm but fresh air and loving it....I want it back and God willing he will be there for me.........thanks for listening to my looooong story and God Bless all of you who are in pain and the need for the pain meds and may you feel better!!!!

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