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Hey I know exactly how you feel. I lost my friend to suicide way back when I was starting my addiction. I had a broken my rib but didn't put the two together until just recently.
As for getting off the norco. You have to really want to. I wonder if there is anyway you can tell your wife kind of sugar coat it since it was prescribed for legitimate pain. Many people start the road to addiction because of legitimate pain. We find, or I found that it didn't just take the pain away, it helped my function like a human being. It was the antidepressant I was always looking for.
But it is not a wonder drug. It eventually does hurt you, takes away your life as it once was prior to the reasons why we use.
I would suggest a long taper. Everyone is different, I right now am tapering from norco switched from fentany. My history is one of constant relapse. This time it's the longest I've gone without cheating. The thing is and I was scared about this too, I go down only 1/2 every two weeks. That seems like such a low drop and such a long time but it does help me stay on track.
Others have done it by going down 1 every week. Wait for more replies, there are also those who go cold turkey, if you don't want your wife to know and you can't miss work at all I would suggest no if you don't want to relapse.
anyway hopefully others will be along shortly to give you more advice.
Sorry again about your friend. That is so hard to deal with.

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