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Re: Legal
Dec 30, 2007
Hey Ready,
I am glad to hear that it is probation. I'm sorry to hear that you'r not getting the support you need from your husband. Three years seems like a long time. I remember my cousin getting something, not jail time, but he had to do something else before his three year probabtion was over. That seems like yesterday, but it was over 1 month ago. Sometimes it is very very hard at first. Then, you get into your routine and soon it will be over. Yes there are times it will be hard, inconvient etc. But I know you put your heart and soul into recovery this time and I believe that you can find support here, NA, etc.
By the way, I think what you did by going to court, sounds like you went alone? That was great, took a lot of courage, strength.
I'm proud of you. and thank you for the bottom quote, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!
I have to tell myself that still every single hour still. You are amazing and you will have this behind you. Maybe not in the time frame you wanted, but everything happens for a reason. It could be in the higher powers time frame.
Your husband may not be one to count on for support/ Stick with your NA meetings and this board.
mary pat

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