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This is really common...your pain IS real, it's just caused by all these extra opiate receptors you have developed from taking them. They can make every ache you have ever had in your life come back to life. I always have something really hurting...always! And I have had every test in the book done, and then a few.

Fibromyalgia is now super commonly misdiagnosed among opiate users, because doctors can't figure out any thing else wrong....and of course many people hide the fact they used opiates from their doctors.

How long for the brain to heal? Depends what you used and for how long, among other things. Healing takes years, sometimes never, and almost always never completely. Some will feel decent in a month or many factors. There is always going to be a time when somethimng bad happens, or you get super stressed, and you're going to think (and maybe act) about getting some opiates, because the stressful situation is going to flare up those old extra receptors...they never really go away, they just settle down if we're lucky.

And here's the real kicker....the receptors don't start healing until you completely stop using ALL opiates...and this is why quitting is hard, but staying clean is extremely hard but important.

Then of course there's the fact our brains aren't producing many if any natural endorphins for a while after quitting, which is why exercise is sooo important. It really has to be forced. If you lay around on the couch feeling sorry for yourself you'll feel bad forever...and probably relapse.

Both of my doctors want me to stay on suboxone forever, and they are probably right, but stubborn old me wants to try and quit again! I will stay on it forever as opposed to a lifetime of suffering though, if need be.

Accupuncture can do wonderful things too.

Time is the best healer...that and exercise. Force yourself to start with some long walks, and build from there. A gym membership or regular workout routine, or even physical therapy can help lots.

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