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Suboxone is ONLY used for the treatment of opiate dependency, so your hunch is probably correct, if she was asking for money for sub treatment, she probably has a dependence to opiates. People who use opiates often use benzos as well, to help them relax and unwind, or to help with withdrawls when they can't get opiates.

The problem here is, your friend needs to want to help herself, and it doesn't sound like she is ready too. Opiates cause many strange behaviors in people, and honestly, your best bet may be to take her up on her offer of staying away from her. She has already used you and lied to you to get money for treatment, and now won't even discuss it. She used you, which addicts are famous for.

My advice would be to cut your ties and run, before she drags you down even more emotionally. I know that is rough, but until she is ready, nothing will change....and it's not an easy battle for someone who strongly wants to quit opiates...many months if not years of recovery and relapses are usually involved.

You're a good friend for wanting to help, but it's really probably a losing effort at this point...and working in a bar won't help her situation. My advice...let her go.


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