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Hello all!, my name is KC. ive never been on a forum like this and was refered from a fellow member. I have been hiding a painkiller addiction for 3 years now, started of taking lorcets every other night or so a for a few months then started taking them everyday, then three times a day, now i take them three times a day around 120mg a day, sometimes less. Im not proud and want to quit because its taking over my life now. Im a self employed hardworking person with a family to support and everytime i try and ween off or stop taking them i get a fever, chills, sweats, no sleep, and completely scatterbrained where i cant work safely. I was going to talk to my shrink that prescribes me antidepressant because i ve been hiding it from her as well. Whats the best way to go about kicking this habbit without the horrible withdrawal symptoms? I feel really bad for my wife and kid for all the crap i put them through when i run out of pills or try and quit. I read that suboxone might be a good thing for me to try, what do you all recommend i do?? what should i say to my doctor??

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