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ilovejoaquim, to answer yoiur question I had a few bad experiences with a local hospital run clinic.
The fist time I went there I was in withdrawl.....about day 4-5 and really sick. They asked me what type of health insurance I had before i even came in, then put me through an intensive interview, asking all kinds of painful questions about my childhood and life, only to tell me at the end of the interview that they couldn't help me because my insurance wouldn't cover in patient treatment...I left there and went and scored immediately. Basically, they knew up front they couldn't help me and put me through a very triggering situation. They did mention suboxone to me as something that may be suitable for me, but told me there was a long waiting list to get into their program. This was the 1st time I ever heard of suboxone, and that was about 4 years ago.

I actually pulled some strings and did get eventually get accepted into the program, but once I heard what it entailed i said forget it. They wanted me to come in for 4 hours of group counceling, 4 days a week, plus come in every morning for the suboxone....One of the things that really turned me off was about 50% of the people in the program were court ordered to be there, and they treated everyone together...They viewed it as all addictions are the same, and I don't....and it was 12 step based, which I have some problems with.

The good news is that I did find a doctor on my own, and got into a program that I was comfortable with, and it has helped.

One thing I will say on the doctor note is that there are many good doctors out there that do NOT hand out pills. I have a great primary care doctor who would never give me pain pills or anything that I could abuse, which didn't always make me happy. I only wish that I had listened to her more. She is a truly caring doctor and she was right...opiates are not the right answer for most cronic pain, and they only make the pain more intense in the long run, especially if they are abused.

The doctors who hand out pills are dangerous, and for many of them it is purely business. If they get you dependant, you'll be back every month for an office visit. That goes for suboxone doctors as well.


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