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Re: Issues
Jan 27, 2008
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]OK - I'll try again - I just typed a very nice long note to you and it got eaten by my computer!!! I have been clean about 3 months now but was clean for 12 years before the relapse. During my first year of sobriety (clean from alcohol as a social outlet and tons of pills as my real addiction) I went to AA and saw an addiction psychiatrist regularly. I got the very same symptoms you have now about 4 months into recovery and was really struggling. What I learned is that I am and was clinically depressed. I started on antidepressants and did great for 10 years. Then sadly I decided I didn't need them, tapered off and then about 6 months later had a back injury and the rest is the story of my relapse. This time I started with the Cymbalta as soon as I stopped using Norco/Oxy and after 4 weeks I really noticed the difference. No more headaches, the moodiness was gone and I could get interested in things and I could sleep better. It may not be the case for you, but it sure is for me. The depression is what led me to use drugs to feel better. I struggle with using the drugs for depression as I see it as an addiction of sorts -but my doctor reminds me that I'm treating an illness with medication, like when I took suboxone short term to manage withdrawals and I will need this med, like a diabetic needs insulin, for the rest of my life. Since I don't get a high from it, I feel like it's okay now. Congratulations on the 5 months of sobritey = hang in there!!!!![/FONT]

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