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Re: Issues
Jan 27, 2008

How are you? I read your post tonight, and I've read alot of your posts in the past. I think you are doing amazing!!!

I remember a post from Reachout awhile back - She pointed out that it takes about a year for an addict to be completely finished with the detox. It makes perfect sense, if you just think about it.

Remember how life was before pills? You had energy, confidence, lived your life without having to count pills or watch the clock. I understand why it would take a person about a year. Your body has to adjust to everything you put it through.

You'll get your energy back again - but you have to help yourself in the process :) Get out and take a walk, join a gym, buy a workout video and do some exercises at home, each morning...even for 10 - 15 mins. You'll see a difference. I did, for sure!! It was so easy to be lazy, but once I got up and moved my butt I noticed that I had way more energy then before :)

As for the anxiety, take a look online and find some breathing techniques or grab a yoga video - they are awesome for helping with anxiety. And once again, exercise is the key to beating anxiety!!

Now - the hardest part - headaches...what a bummer. Headaches are horrible. I've been suffering from migraines for the past three weeks. In fact, the very first migraine I've ever had was three weeks ago - I've had four since!! My doctor gave me some really good suggestions. Try laying down, with a cold cloth on your head. Take some ibuprofen, it'll help with any inflamed blood vessels. They become constricted, causing the head to ache. I actually have a prescription for a non-narcotic med specifically for migraines. Also, go online and do a search for migraines. I found some very useful info.

Basically, you remember why you're clean, how you got there, and why its important to continue on your road to recovery :) If you're tired all the time, eat lots of fruit, veggies and fibre. You'll be surprised how much changing your diet can lead to energy, a feeling of wellness, and it'll even make it easier to exercise :)

I've learned how important it is to stay on track. I once read that the first three or four days of recovery (getting clean) can be hard - but its how you live your life after that, that keeps you clean!! It is so true.

Congratulations on your 5 months!!! It is so encouraging to read everyone's clean-time. I seem to get more strength and will-power after I read success stories. Thanks for sharing yours :)

Love and hugs,

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