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I too want to get off Sub. I am presribed 24 mg a day but usually take less than that unless I have pain.

I had two joint replacements in summer 06 and another surgery in Jan 07. My primary care doc, a young woman, kept prescribing me painkillers for my physical therapy, pain etc. However my main interest at that point (a year after the first surgery) was to not go into withdrawals. I went from 25 mg of Percocet in July 06 to almost 300 mg of oxycontin in July 07.

I couldn't believe the way she would just write the scripts whenever I asked. I did not get high ...I wasn't trying to abuse only to keep from getting sick but my tolerance kept going up. In fact I had been having bad mental reactions to all of these drugs (Percocet, morphine,fentanyl and oxycontin) so the doctor put me on Lexapro so I could tolerate the pain meds.

I finally could not stand it any longer and asked her for help withdrawing...she set me up with this hotshot pain doc but it would be almost 3 months before I could see this doc. I was getting suicidal but knew it was the drugs so I fired the primary care doc, returned all my surplus drugs to her and went into drug treatment. I was really surprised at all the folks who were there because of addiction resulting from medical treatment. It is frightening.

The doctor I fired got very hostile and when I tried to contact her she ignored me and even threatened me with a restraining order if I kept trying to contact her. It really hurt me because she had been so kind and compassionate when I was her patient. I fired her because I knew I would never get off the drugs as long as she was my doctor. She acted like this whole thing was personal or she was afraid I was going to sue her or something. I really liked her and never even considered something like that. I do believe I even had a crush on her.

To make a long story short I am now on Suboxone and I am really tired of it.
Prior to my surgeries I had not even had alcohol for 20 years and had stopped smoking.

How bad is the sub withdrawal? I have heard very bad. Would it be better to go back on Percocet and withdraw from that instead?

I feel "normal" but not normal if you know what I there is no variation in my emotions. Don't let anyone tell you that suboxone isn't mood-altering. A few months ago I had gone 24 hours without any and tried to contact the original doctor who had been giving me the painkillers. I was bluntly told not to call again and found myself very hurt and very I was cut with a knife. I took a suboxone (8 mgs) and those feelings went away. Now that is mood altering at its best.

Currently I have a psychiatrist who prescribes the suboxone to me. He is a real nice guy and only charges me the co-pay ($20) while other docs I went to want hundreds of dollars for each visit. What a racket! Should I go in a hospital for the withdrawal?. I got accepted at Johns Hopkins in-patient last year but declined it when I found out about suboxone. Maybe I should go back there?

I am really disappointed in myself for letting this happen to me. I do not blame the doctor...she did not hold me down and make me take those narcotics. Nevertheless (and this is probably just my stupor) I felt sometimes that she liked the power she had over me and at the same time was being consistent with this new thinking in medical circles of being more egalitarian with patients (she would talk about this....sometimes she would tell me how lonely she was and other personal stuff). However I always had a fear she might cut me off (she was moody) so I was always complimenting her , being nice to her, gave her gifts etc. Obviously being manipulative to some degree I was....however I was just frightened. I never once got "loaded" from the drugs like I used to drinking and to be very honest I got to the point where the drugs really scared me..I don't even like to think about what would happen to me sometimes with that oxycontin. The day I returned the surplus drugs to her I felt so good. I thought I was going to be off drugs for good and here I am 6 months later still on this Suboxone.

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