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OK, been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. After shoulder surgery when I was on Vicodin for 10 months straight, I started drinking again to replace that nice relaxed feeling. Personal issues cropped up and I got up to drinking up to 12-20 or so beers a day for 6 months and called up Kaiser for help. I was told to not go "cold turkey" until I could get on something to keep me from getting DT's, convulsions, etc. I've had shakiness for months, but not as bad as last weekend, prompting me to seek help. I'm currently in a 3 stage detox/treatment program and insisted on getting bloodwork done, as I have a family history of cirrosis (from a non-drinking relative, no less). The results I'm told are much more positive than I expected, and I'm enheartened, but I don't understand the results, so I'm hoping that someone could shed some light on the findings. This'll be kind of long, so if anyone with chronic alcohol experience could shed some light, I'd be much appreciative as I don't know what most of the findings mean: (normal are in parentheses)

WBC 13.2 K/uL (3.5-12.5)
RBC 5.05 M/uL (4.1-5.7)
Hemoglobin 16.6 g/dL (13.0-17.0)
Hematocrit 49.5% (39-51)
MCV 98 fL (80-100)
RDW 13.1% (11.9-14.3)
Plt 205 K/uL (140-400)

Neutrophils 76% (41-79)
Lymphocytes 11% (13-44) LOW
Monocyte 10% (5-14)
Eosinophil 2% ((0-6)
Basophil 0% (0-2)

Unine WBC 3/hpf ((0-5)
Urine RBC 1/hpf (0-2)
Mucus Rare

Alkaline Phos 88 u/l (37-117)
Amylase 47 u/l (-<97)
Calcium 9.6 mg/dL (8.5-10.3)
Cholesterol 140 mg/dL (-<239)

Creat with GFR:
Creatinine 1.28 mg/dl (-<1.34)
GFR Non-Afr Am >60 mL/min (>60)

GFR Note:
CK (CPK) 101 u/l (0-200)
Glucose Random 96 mg/dl (60-159)
HDL Cholesterol 72 mg/dl (>40)
AST (SGOT) 30 u/l ((10-40)
TSh 0.3 uIU/mL (0.2-5.5)
Free T4(Analog) 1.3 ng/dL (0.8-1.7)

HepA Negative
Hep B Core Negative
Anti-Hep C Negative


clear, yellow
Microscopic? Indicaed
pH 6.5 (4.5-8.0)
Sp. Gravity 1.012 (1.001-1.035)
Urobilinonogen <2mg/dl mg/dL (+<2.0)

According to my Doctor, the slightly high WBC count could have been due to a cold I had last week, but didn't address the slightly low lymphocytes (11% when range was 13-44) and that my total Cholesterol was 140, which is good and that my good (HDL) cholesterol is above average at 72 mg/dL over the 40 norm.

As promising as all this news is, I'm a bit worried as to what I should be watching out for. I should note that at the time of these tests, I was two days removed from a 40+ beer binge 2 days before and had just started taking Tranxene (sp?) to combat the severe shakiness I was experiencing, which have almost disappeared and I've tailed off of them to twice a day over the last 3 days. I also smoke a pack or so a day.

Any thoughts? My main concern is my health, but my secondary concern is that I'm a possible match to donate a lobe of my kidney to my aunt who has cirrosis and want to be in the best shape possible to do so if necessary.

Anyone with more knowledge or experience than I, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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