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Hello Silent,

I too am new here and have spent many hours over the last couple of days reading these posts. Big help. You can do it!!

Today is ZERO DAY for me!

I would like to tell you my story, maybe it will help.

My choice of the magic pill was also Hydro (3+ yrs). Started with injuries and scripts then kept getting worse as far a dosage. I got to maybe 10 - 10/325 / day at the max. I always tried to do no more than four per day fooling myself by thinking "the Doc said never take more than four" Yeah right! If you know what I mean. Always had a supply so no probs.

Well I made the big mistake to switching to Oxy about 6 months ago. Cheaper and worked better. Big Mistake. Made things worse.

NOW I am doing a rapid detox off Oxy and having quite a bit of trouble. I think the worst is past now. I have gone from 80 to 120mg per day down to 5mg per day in about 2 weeks time. I am very pig headed and refuse to let myself slip back.
This has been hell and I feel trapped.
A dear friend of mine told me that there is a road into hell and there is also a road out.
I get choked up every time I think of it.

Doc has given me MILD doses of Xanax and Librium to help but the depression and anxiety they are still there. Not to mention all the other problems mentioned in this board.

I decided to DO IT today!. ZERO DAY!
I had been taking my 5mg at around 7AM each morning and that only lasted a bit.
I feel pretty good this morning compared to some of my past mornings and I KNOW I can do this today!

It is after 10:30AM and my little piece of magic still sits in it's usual spot untaken. I think I'm more afraid of not having any in my system might make me freak. Then I think again and I have pretty much already done that ;-)

The vision is getting better. I am able to read much easier but driving is still tough.

Sleeping is a real bummer still. I got 4 hrs last night and that more than i've had in a while. I think maybe since I have decided that today is the day it may have helped?

I had actually planned on totally quitting by last weekend but decided to take it a little slower. I don't know if that just prolonged my agony or helped ease the pain.

A good hot shower does wonders!!

You will be fine Silent, I have not had much fun over the last 3 weeks but it is getting better. This board is excellent.

A special thanks to everyone here.
If you haven't found the road out keep lookng, It is there :-)


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