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I decided to DO IT today!.

Hello to all and God bless this board.

I am doing a rapid detox off Oxy and had quite a bit of trouble. I think (KNOW) the worst is past now. I have gone from 80 to 120mg per day down to 5mg per day in about 2 weeks time. I am very pig headed and refuse to let myself slip back. If I think about slipping back I feel like I am cheating myself or even stealing from myself. I hate getting cheated and robbed. Seems to work for me.

This has been hell and I feel trapped.
A dear friend of mine told me that there is a road into hell and there is also a road out.

I had been taking my 5mg of Oxy at around 7AM each morning for about 4 days and that only lasted a bit.

I feel pretty good this morning compared to some of my past mornings and I KNOW I can do this today!

It is after 11:00AM and my little piece of magic still sits in it's usual spot untaken. I think I'm more afraid of not having any in my system might make me freak. Then I think again and I have pretty much already done that ;-)

The vision is getting better. I am able to read much easier but driving is still tough.

Sleeping is a real bummer still. I got 4 hrs last night and that more than i've had in a while. I think maybe since I have decided that today is the day it may have helped?

I had actually planned on totally quitting by last weekend but decided to take it a little slower. I don't know if that just prolonged my agony or helped ease the pain.

A good hot shower does wonders!!

One day at a time. I will post frequently with my progress.

Peace to all and many Thanks!!

Wavin to Bass, acaptainn and last but not the least REACH!!
God Bless

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