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Howdy-do All

Just me checking in with all my friends here.

Life moves along for me day by day. I filed the initial paperwork for disability. I had an hour and a half phone interview and answered a million questions. A bit overwhelming, but I am going to do what I have to do concerning it.

My grandson, just turned two, came for the day. Jeepers! Think detox is tiring????? Chuckles. Awww, I enjoy every moment with him. We played trains, went for a little walk, had a big bubble bath, took a nap.... all the nice things in life for a two year old and a Grandma. But I am sure I will be turning in a bit early tonight!

I am still reading here a lot. Trying to keep up with my old friends and meet some new ones as well.

I had some news this week that is pretty emotional for me. You all know how I have written about how wonderful my family doctor has been to me through so many things. He has been one of my staunchest supporters through so many things in my life, including getting me off the drugs. The man really has my heart. Well, after 30 odd years with him, we have to say goodbye. He is giving up his practice for a less hectic job at a nearby hospital. It is a needed chnage for him... he suffers pain every single day from back and neck issues and has not looked well at all for a while. His office practice is a hectic practice and this is something he needs to do for himself. He has struggled with the decision for three years now. It will be hard for me to say farewell to him, but I do wish him well. A year ago, this would have sent me into a frenzy of hiding in pills. Today, it is just a bit sad for me, but I am glad for his decision for him.

Nothing else earth-shaking to report. I think of the board often, keeping you all in my prayers and wishes for wellness. This board hs lent new maning to the phrase 'extended family' to me.


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