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Well yes it is possible to be addicted to 40mg of norco a day. There is a difference between being addicted and chemically dependent to these medications. If you are not prone to addictions problems and took your medication as prescribed then you may only be medically chemically dependent in that anybody who takes these substances will become chemically dependent on them as they change the physiology of the body. What happens to most people is they start taking these medications for pain and as their life begins to fall apart from long term pain related and pain medicine related problems they take the medication more so to numb the reality of their deteriorating life. So yes, the mental part of the withdrawal is very challenging even after the physical part is over. This is how everyday people turn in to addicts. By choosing to take the medication because of the mental trama of everyday life without them you have fallen into the addict category. This process can be stopped and many people are able to successfuly taper off and obstain from opiate use. Recoginize that once the addict is turned on within you it continues to get worse as a disease even if you are not using so unfortunately you need to beaware for the rest of your life that your propensity to become addicted to medications and other drugs has increased because of your long term use even if it started out for legitimate pain purposes. I would recommend a support group like AA or NA to get you through the months ahead. Even if you are not an addict getting a sponsor to help talk you through the mental side of this would help as only an addict in recovery has been through this. Good Luck. You can do this. I did it too.

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