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Mr. Manakan; hi and welcom.

your best bet is what g8r told you. now that you are on 1mg a day start alternating doses; 1mg one day then .5 the next until you are ready to just do .5 . And then do the same thing with .5 and then .25.
when you get there, just start taking your doses further and further apart. or take .25, skip a day, then do that until you no longer need it.

ive heard that work for people. as for me, im still on it. still on 4 a day. i havent dropped down in months. im not really in any hurry is what i tell myself. but i know the truth is that i cant seem to get down any further when i am stressed. and this past six months has been the most stressful time i have ever known. things are starting to come together more for me now, so i will continue my taper. i wish you luck and would like to hear more about your taper and eventual stopping of sub. let me know how it goes for you. i would appreciate it and im sure many more here will as well.

take care,


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