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Re: Ativan
Feb 22, 2008
Lori, what happened today regarding the police? I'm asking because I care and want you to know that, from afar, I care. I hope you have called an attorney?

I prayed for you last night and my wife walked in and thought I was asleep sitting up. when I opened my eyes, she asked if I had nodded off. I said no, I'm praying for a girl named Lauri.

Lauri, when I had cancer and they thought it had spread to my brain, I looked at my (then) 6 month old son and decided that I did not want to live anymore because I didn't want my son to begin bonding to me and then I would die. Fortunately i didn't take action but I spent 2 glorious days at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and for a Navy boy, that was no picnic. But I learned a valuable phrase:


And by temporary problems, I mean your legal situation. I'm not minimizing it but I want you to look at it as temporary. it will end at some point. But do what Reach suggests, and reach out to your husband. For better or worse. You're sick. Talk to him in those terms.

My wife fell for the strong, silent Superman type. She loves weak, Norco addicted boy, too.

I will continue praying for you.

Re Ativan - I take it right now. It's an anti-anxiety medication. It helps me enormously. I sleep really well taking 1mg about 2 hours before I want to go to sleep. I wake up ready for the day and none of the Ambien blackouts. During the day I might need 1/2 tablet when I get stressed. I don't feel any particular potential, emotionally, for abuse but I've listened to the fine people here and realize I now have an addict's chemistry and mindset and need to be mindful not to trade one drug for another.

Please keep repeating what I said - don't seek permanent solutions for temporary problems. Your life will go on. Honest.


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