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Hello Andrea

Nice to meet you and glad to see you sharing on the board.

First thing I want to share with you is that, Honey, you have a [U]lot[/U] more willpower than you might be able to realize at the moment. You have not taken any painkillers for two full weeks AND you are here seeking help to keep on moving forward! Now [U]that[/U] is willpower, no doubt about it.

I assume you were taking sdome opiate based pain med? Vicoden? percocet? Oxycodone? Whatever. All opiate pain med withdrawal involves some common traits. After the physical withdrawal, a level of depression sets in. It comes because in detox, we starve the body and brainf of the chemicals we have been feeding it and it takes time for the brain to fire up again and start producing its own supply. It is a healing that takes a bit of time, but it is a healing that certainly occurs.

I reacted in depression much as you are. I was isolating and was fearful of social interaction. Stayed at home, in bed a lot of the time. Cried a lot, and I do mean a LOT. No motivation.

It is a miserble time, Andrea. We can help the brain heal if we force ourselves to get physical and active as we can. I started with forcing myself to do household chores. Then I made, FORCED myself to go out for a five minute walk, a ten minute walk, maybe a little time out in the backyard or on the porch. As I got better at forcing myself to do things, I began making really short phone calls to family or friends.

Most importantly, I got myself outside help. Real, live people to help me and explain how to help myself. I liked best working with a licensed clinical social worker. However, NA, AA or meetings with a private counselor are all great alternatives.

You can be better, you can feel happiness again. It is a progressive healing. Day by day we get tiny bits better and the colllected bits lead to a full restoration. For now, try to measure the timeline in the hour. A log helped me tremendously initially because I would jot down feelins in shorthand, good or bad, during the day and it provided me with a black and white file of evidence that I was indeed, improving. It was a good reality check for those times when I felt hopeless. I could read my very own words and see that the day before, a few hours before, I [B]did[/B] have a period of calmness, of relief.

Come back and share some more, okay?

All good wishes and hope
Hello andrea,
I'm on day 22 clean and I feel totally normal and have for maybe a week or so.

Everyone is different. Also the duration of use and drug of choice will determine your recovery.

I have had no signs of PAWS at all. When I detoxed off the booze 8 years ago I also didn't get PAWS.

This time I got a few injuries, got some pain meds from the docs and I went from 4 - 10mgs Hydro per day, which I was on for quite some time, then I started upping the dose to get high. I then made an even better decision and switched up to Oxy for only about 5 maybe 6 months (REAL SMART HUH). I got up to 120 mgs a day of Oxy but kept it mostly at 80mgs. I noticed I had a problem and got out before I couldn't. I am just telling you my history so maybe you can compare it to yours. I'm 43 yrs old and in good shape physically (6ft -165 to 170 Lbs) except I smoke Cig's which I intend to quit in March. I am very physically active also.

Maybe this will help you gauge your reaction. We are all different so all I can tell you is the W/D's were no fun at all BUT soooo worth it now that I'm Clean.

Good luck and check back with us. Don't forget the read the "Sample Home Detox" thread at the top of this board if you have not already.


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