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Re: Rehab Question
Mar 4, 2008
Hello Diamond

Nice to meet you and glad you are posting on the addiction and recovery board. It is, as I bet you know by now, a great place to share. Smiles.

Addiction to prescribed pain meds is sure not a new story, sadly. It is a chapter in my Life Book also. I did a long slow taper off of oxycodone and then followed with the same off of Xanax. It took many months and a lot of hard work and enduring. While I was offered the hospital or rehab, I chose home for a few reasons. I have an aversion to hospital settings because of a long story. I did not feel my mind and body could go through the shock of any kind of cold turkey withdrawal because I had a complete breakdown prior to the withdrawal and it was a rough place to start from. probably, the biggest factor in staying home was because there was an ideal set up.... no kids, no 'had-to' responsibilities except fpor working on getting myself better. My husband was able to devote a lot of time to helping me and I saw my doctors... regularly and frequently. My family doctor acted as the prescriber, but a psychiatrist and, very importantly for me, a licensed clinical social worker were also part of the equation to my detoxing and finding myself restored and well again.

Lord, it is such hard work, such exhausting work, to work through detox and then find recovery and restoration. As you are discovering, there is a lot of mental and emotional restoration that needs to take place. Truthfully, it is a process of baby steps that gets us there. As our brain begins finding its natural rhythms and balance again, there is an ongoing depression that interferes with feeling normal. While it ebbs and flows over the course of the day, it is with us 24/7. Researching the process of how the brain restores itself after using these painkillers helped me to fight the anxiety and depression that is pretty normal for the course.

This is going to be a time where we must be selfish in order to succeed. Most waking thoughts must be centered on getting well again. As I said, for me, the conditions were in place for this to happen at home. For you... well, that is a decision you will need to make, with your family fully understanding the implications. If you are to try from home, then fine..... rehab can always be a back-up plan if it gets to be too much to handle in your situation. I would make sure Hubby attends doctors' visits with you and learns as you do all that is involved in the undertaking.

Behind all of us who fall into addiction are root problems and issues that must be dealt with. These need to be discovered if we are really to find recovery and restoration. It is not just the cravings and physical discomfort that do us in... it is not resolving what led us to fall into addiction as a hiding haven, a bad coping mechanism. I have learned more about life, my life, in the year of withdrawal than all my other years combined. And the more I learn, the more convicted I become about how much more I nee to learn.

Whatever you chose, I wish you well as you embark on regaining control of your life and mastery over a dark and unhealthy coping mechanism. Know that while there will be days of real trial and tribulation ahead, there will also be days of real discovery. Every tool that you find that helps you through this process will serve you in a million other areas also.

Best wishes

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