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Hi GreenEyes,
I am sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I will tell you I have just quite taking Norco (Vicadin, a stronger dose). Try tapering off of them instead of doing it cold turkey. It makes the anxiety and restless leg much easier to deal with. I cut down a half a pill every 4 days. I agree with Reach Calcium and Magnesium really helps! Ionic Fizz is one brand that works well because it is in a powder form and absorbs easily into the system. I drink it a couple times a day. (You can buy it online or a health food store). I will tell you it DOES GET EASIER....MUCH BETTER EVERYDAY. Hang in there!!!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers!
greeneyes, i just have a minute right now but will post more later...i have lots of things to tell you and say to you but most of all right now, i wanted to say that i think you have amazing strength and courage!! you are going into this journey with open eyes and it seems you have amazing friends to help you along the way!! i hope to be one of them...i am right behind you on this path...i am right now tapering norco at 2 a day...this forum and your posts have been very helpful and encouraging to me ...i am scared but i will travel this path with you all if you are willing to stick to together and help me baja AMAZING you are helping alot of people...greeneyes...have a great day 0...just think tomorrow will be DAY 1 CLEAN AND SOBER....hooray what a life journey you are beginning....i only hope when it is my turn i am as strong...please keep posting..this weekend you will need us...i know you don't know me but i'll also be home and willing to listen if you need me...!! YOU CAN DO IT

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