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Hi Bill,

I understand your frustration. I was on Ativan for 2 years and never took more than 1mg per day. I found I was getting W/D symptoms earlier in the day before my second dose was due and also started to get depressed and apathetic on it. Not to mention my memory flew out the door...:D So, I knew I had to wean myself off. Interestingly, 2 Drs recommend that I up my dose but to keep it under 3mgs per day and I would be fine for life!!!!! RIGHT !

Anyway, I researched the Ashton Method and did a direct water taper from the Ativan. It worked beautifully. I took it VERY slow as I was already in W/D from dose tolerance. It actually took me 18 mos to get off 1mg of Ativan. (1mg Ativan = 10 mg valium).

You can research all this information and you can get water titration schedules. Just remember to take it slowly. I was prescribed Ativan to help recover from a viral inner ear infection. The dizziness made me very anxious and provoked panic attacks. Ativan also supressed the vestibular system which helped a great deal in my vestibular rehab. I can honestly say the Ativan gave me back my life and actually energized me. I felt fantastic on it.....but long term it is a no no....I stil take it very rarely for some personal anxiety issues and it works well taken this way.

Good luck to you....

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