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Hi, I agree totally about getting off of all opiates or prescribed pain meds. I am a nurse and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a crippling form of arthritis. I quickly became addicted to opiates and they nearly destroyed my career and life. I have been sober for 2 1/2 years and have received my life back. I have chronic sometimes debilitating pain and have a very physically demanding job working 13 hour shifts and on my feet doing heavy lifting. I am managed with anti inflammatories, a chemo type medication and use any type of natural techniques I find helpful. I am trying yoga, water exercising, and the only thing I allow myself to use is tylenol. I use hot baths with mineral salts, whirlpools, etc..on and but will stay far away from opiates as I am an addict and that animal must remain asleep. I know its very difficult but recovery groups help a great deal....I find a lot of help in Celebrate Recovery but have attended both AA and NA...I hope that you have a sponsor, are working the steps and are seeking answers to why the pain.....opiates are only a temporary fix, they will not cure the problem. Good luck to you and congratulations on your new exciting

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