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Hi I am new here so thanks in advance for any help.
Short version is I was diagnosed w/a 80 year old back at the age of 38. Started on Oxycontin 80 mgs a day went to 160 mgs a day in a year. I have for the last 2 yrs. been on 40-60 mgs a day and now I am trying to get off of this.

I have tapered to 30 mgs (3-10's) then got 5mg Percocets 5x a day, to taper to 25mgs and I am really suffering. My question is; am I getting the same amount of the medicine in the Oxy/12 hour release as the Percocet 4-6 hr release?
It seems so much worse since I switched to the Percocets, even though the dosage is the same.
Thanks, BMHB
Percoset is oxycodone + acetaminophen.
Norco is hydrocodone + acetaminophen.

Oxycodone is 1.5 times more strong than hydrocodone.
If you have 5mg of Percoset, it is as if you took 7.5mg of hydrocodone.

So, in your (most recent) example, which is stronger, 10mg of Percoset or 10mg of Norco?

The Percoset would be more strong. 10mg of it would be like taking 15mg of Norco.

Gee, and I thought I never understood those algebra word problems!

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