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[QUOTE=rose620;3506679]:confused:So the question is....once you decide to get off valium, which I did, and have been off for over a month, having a little withdrawal, would it be harmful to take just a small piece as needed, or perhaps a very small dose of Xanax to help with occassionaly anxiety issues?[/QUOTE]

i have no medical credientials or anything, but in my opinion, it might be rationalization, as in, you're subconciously creating a reason to do it again.

i would try my hardest not to take any.. it might be hard, but if you take just a small dose again, you could relapse for weeks.

i was addicted to snorting amphetamines and that's how it always was with me. i'd be clean for 3 days, and decide to just do a bit to calm down.. and then i would end up tweaking out on massive doses every 10 minutes on it for 3 nights in a row, etc., throwing up and going to the hospital, when i told myself i would just do a little bit.

hope that helps

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