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Re: Vicos
Apr 2, 2008
Hello Tigerlily

Good to see the ongoing progress. Good for you. Really good.

When I got down to that last pill on my taper, it was the slowest time of all. Tapering slowly for me was tapering by percentage, not fractions. At the same point where you are now, I would break the pill in half, then one piece in half again. Put the extra quarter aside for the next day. Take the remaining quarter and crush it. Divide the crumbs by eyeballing them and take out a quarter of them. Swallow the half and the ingest the portion of crumbs by wetting the finger and putting on the tongue. That is about a 16% cut and that is about the lowest percentage I could do at that point by eyeballing. At the end, I made my cuts every 5 to 7 days.

The cuts caused such anxiety in me that I judged the time until the anxiety by the anxiety coming down. The achiness and headaches were just a standard deal all the time, even for a while after I finished. I selfdom considered them in my own equation in coming down. Also I was on straight oxycodone which is more powerful than Vicoden, so perhaps I felt the cuts more.

I think the biggest mistake made on slow tapers is the itchiness we get near the end. I know I felt it, too. I forced myself to stay discioplined about my cuts because I figured I had invested so much time in it anyway, what was a bit more time going to hurt? I had also done a lot of research and believe that going slowly, especially at the end, gives our brains the best advantages to adjusting and the least chance of relapsing. After the Oxycodone taper, I tapered off Xanax, a benzo. In retrospect, I should have gone even slower at the end of the Xanax taper. I got too antsy about wanting it all over and done, even knowing that a benzo taper should go extremely slow.

My suggestion would be that at least five full days is waited before making the next cut, no matter what size cut you personally decide to make. You have done such a wonderful job thus far with the taper. It looks like you have found a successful tapering pattern for you...why fix something that is working? Smiles.

All best wishes.
Keep us posted.

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