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Dear Reach,

Thank you so much for your reply - it means alot to me. Knowing you're not alone is a really big deal!

Perhaps "jump" is too strong a word. I'm just tired of watching the clock and waiting for the next dose. My plan extends for another 12-14 days, but I'm flexible, I change the plan as I feel right, though never ever increasing the dose once I make a cut.

It also worries me that I've been so obsessed (self fulfilling ha) about the taper - you should see my speadsheet: Drug half-life/concentrations, graphs, ratios. I need to apply the same energy again to my family and business!! Anyway, I can keep on with the plan, but there's some point at which I have to just stop taking the pills. Whether that's when I get to 10mg/day (1 tab), or 2.5mg - that's what I'm unsure about. I suppose I'll just have to keep on cutting down until... I'm done.

I did a really long slow taper off of Zoloft about five months ago. The CT withdrawal off that results in mini-seizures and is miserable, though the taper steps are fairly easy. Were it so with Percocet! My goal is to be completely drug-free and then reassess where I am - pain, depression, happiness. While there is a place for drugs in our lives, I think we tend to over-medicate. Fact is there are no true quick fixes in life.

Thanks again and all my best wishes,


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