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hey There, Raz

Nice to meet you here on the board. So glad you have posted as it is much more pleasant to have friends walking alongside of you than going it alone.

As to your question:

[B][I][U][COLOR="Blue"] I do have a question - when is the best time to jump from your taper? [/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]

Walk, don't jump, off the taper! When tapering to withdraw, we walk slowly down a steep hill. Be patient with yourself and your body and brain.... come down the last few steps slowly and calmly. Stay in control and do not let impatience propel you, but calmness. Let your body and brain lead you as you finish out. I think your cut amounts are okay, as long as you wait to level out between each. Keep walking, keep plodding.... don't start running at this point as it can easily lead to upping a cut and when tapering, once a cut is made, it needs to stay made!

The DEA thing... I would not worry about it, although it would have made my heart jump a beat or two if I had received it. Chuckles. I think it is just part of an overall plan by the government to try and keep addiction in check, although a piece of paper really does nothing helpful, only scares one. I guess it is a Big Brother way of trying to alert us to the fact that we are consuming a lot of narcotics. I would imagine it is also a way to let a doctor in on a patient's useage. You have done nothing illegal, so please just set the thooughts aside.

I, too, found life was worse on the pills vs off. My pain levels were higher and I was in a hazy fog all the time. Long term opiate use develops some weird things in us, huh?

Stay strong. It is good you are here and I hope to share more with you.

With hope always

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