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Hi it's Captnanny here and I too am still tapering.
I know some may remember me, but to others I am a strange name. I originally started tapering off of Fentynal 75 mg, down to 62 in late October. I never made it lower than that and the depression was like a slap in the back where you can't breathe. I ripped the dang thing off thinking that I might be better in a week or so.
My psych is excellent on the weekends and I did get scared and called him. He told me it was a good step but bad idea for the withdrawals will be heck. He then ordered me clonidine and norco. He did a conversion which was supposed to be a little lower than 62 mg. So I was taking 8 a day for two weeks, then 71/2 and so on. I have been an addict for at least 12 years. Vicodan is my doc. Now I am down to 4 and still struggle. Mostly mentally like you Raz said. Although it seems like a long time to taper, it is the longest I have stuck to one and gone without a major relapse ever!!
somebody else said slow and steady here, I can't remember who but it is true. I think for me the worst part is the depression.
Yes when it rains it pours. I just have to keep telling myself that although I want to feel better right now!! It would only be for like an hour or two if I relapsed.
That is the worse part. No more temporary fixes, I feel that they now are a major let down.
I started back up with school, a Master's degree in Early childhood and am having a very hard time keeping up. It is bad at times, other times I am ok.
Just thought I'd put a little whining in, and a note on this taper thread to tell the folks who remember me I'm still trying and hanging in, sometimes by a measly thread.

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