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Good morning everyone.. *yawn and big hugs* Those subs..grrrrr..... Took my last pill of the day at 6p yesterday and was up all night, I pulled another all nighter, could sleep and felt just like when I was using, so what does this tell me.. Cut the dose! I got out of bed today around 8a which is super early for me on my days off and slept maybe 2 hours and it was one of those party sleeps, know what I mean?! So this morning I only took 1/2 a pill (4mg) and will TRY to only use a total of 12 mg verses the 24 that was RX'ed. So far I feel pretty darn good! Still gives me a slight buzz though, I know my body is trying to adjust to it, but I dont want it to or it will get used to what ever I am feeding it..right?! Today is day 4 on the subs. I read somewhere here where someone wrote that if you start subs, taper off of them quick or your body does get used to it..makes a heck of alot of sense. Yoss and Jerry, I know I have to stop being so hard on myself, but I think its that attitude that will get me off the subs faster..Ya think, I cant rely to much on what I say and think sometimes, after all it was my thinking that got me here today!

Hope everyone here has a great day... I know I am with using words like darn and heck...cant go wrong!

Love and peace...Vic~

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