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... im detoxing with SUBOXONE... hoping that it goes well.... it just sucks that i have to go through this all again.. i gotta get clean and continue school at the same time, and work for my car payment. ... (9 replies)
... Michael, I was a methamphetamine user and I had almost 4 years clean and sober. In the begining I went to lots of meetings and had a sponsor and got really involved into 12 step groups. ... (9 replies)
... coffee is a good stimulant, it increases energy - good motivator. However, i kinda relate to your problem, with me it's alcohol and I've recently let myself go to. I suffer from anxiety depression as well, the thing with that, is that you have to keep trying things until you find something that works. Trial and error pretty much. Just don't take the heroin! Hope this helps. (9 replies)

... there and keep us posted on how you are doing!!! And remember not to beat yourself up over this thing....replace that thought with a positive one such as, I am clean and sober today!!!! ... (9 replies)
... oh michael, you sound exactly like my 21 yr old son, he was abusing opiates quit school went into a rehab and is now 5 mths clean..he too suffers from anxiety and depression and was self medicating. he hasnt relapsed tho..thank god..he has alot of help from his n.a,friends and his addiction therapist and from us his parents...yoo cant do this on your own michael, you need... (9 replies)
6 months clean
May 10, 2008
... and i couldnt imagine what was going to happen the next day, never mind six months down the line. ... (15 replies)
... hey, thanks for the replies everyone, it means a lot, i live in maryland.. and i am on 2nd day of detox, i am involved in NA and have a sponser and homegroup... i have for awhile... it just sucks having to do this all over again, espessialy when i got school everyday of the week! and i have no money... everything was good until i decided to pick up that first drink... i... (9 replies)
6 months clean
May 13, 2008
... hey michelle! good to hear from you, how are you doing? You're right about replacing the 'bad highs' with the 'good highs'. Im cycling to work & back everyday (20km) then another 10 - 15 km each evening cross country. & I'm loving it. As for your journey off sub - you've come off harder stuff than that. You know you can do it - and if theres anything i can do to help -... (15 replies)
... ng, then smoking pot, then popping pills, then at 17, I snorted my first line of Heroin. A month before my 18th birthday my parents sent me to a rehab and I got clean from everything. The day I got out, I smoked some weed. That's all I did for about 6 months before I started snorting coke and smoking crack. ... (6 replies)
... I have been addicted to heroin for some 15 years. ... (8 replies)
... ere running out or had run out of places to inject yourself at. But a friend of mine, was hooked on it, was taking it daily, how many and how much I do not know, 6 months later, he resembled a walking skeleton, and wanted off it... what was going on exactly I do not know, his first request was for someone to just kill him. ... (22 replies)
... hey, my name is Michael, and i am an ADDICT also, same as you.. HEROIN and oxycontin's, you have been clean a long time, seriously, thats a miracle and a huge success, because any clean addict is truely a miracle!. ... (27 replies)
... I hope your son stays clean forever without any relapses. ... (13 replies)
Jul 30, 2005
... year addcition for him that led to heroin because it was cheaper. ... (48 replies)
... I have been clean from Methadone for almost 6 months and holy cooo! this aint mind is all jacked up... ... (32 replies)
... id heroin. I skipped a court date and was arrested for failure to appear. I was sent to the female prison where they did a urine test which resulted positive for heroin and pregnancy. Later found I was two months along. My period has never been regular. I had no idea. ... (6 replies)
... Hi You dont 'need' to be religious to find a path. A lot of people get a great deal of strength from their beliefs - i know that having a faith definitely doesn't hinder anyones chances in getting clean. But as i often say with a partial tongue in cheek - im an agnostic atheist - i am also 6 months clean of methadone - over 1 year clean from a heavy heroin addiction & 5... (11 replies)
... l. They took him to the local hospital and then to the local physch ward where they kept him a week. I took him back home because they found he had ulcers. A few months later another Dr. gave him more OXY's. He said he could control them. I held the prescription and doled them out. Soon he was doing heroin. ... (13 replies)
... hey, im Michael and im an addict, i know exactly how you feel... i recently just relapsed after have 6 months of clean time and im craving really bad for it!!! ... (1 replies)
I am so scared!!
Sep 8, 2007
... d them and said ' i wont get addicted to these, im just taking them for funn' or whatever, and 3 years later and i have still been struggling with opiates, i had 6 months clean from them and just recently relapsed... ... (3 replies)

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