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I recently had a discectomy for a herniated disc which I suffered with for 5 months. I was on a progression of painkillers to deal with the pain, starting with Vicodin, to Norco, to, finally, Percocet. At the end, I was taking about 10-12 pills (10mg/325mg) per day.

After the surgery, my doctor gave me only 40 pills of a lower dosage (5mg/325mg). He told me to taper down my usage. With that small of a prescription, I assume he means pretty quickly!

I've tapered down to 1/2-3/4 of a (5mg) percocet every 4-6 hours now but I'm in an almost constant state of anxiety and headache pain. I need to get back to normal FAST for my job - I can probably take the rest of the week off but will have to be back to work a week from today, and can not possibly imagine dealing with what I'm dealing with now, at work.

So I'm wondering if, since I'm suffering already, I should go:
COLD TURKEY (and just sweat it out over the next 5-6 days or so)
CONTINUE TO TAPER - either at the same pace, more aggressively, or more gradually (meaning I need to beg my surgeon for more pills which I really hate to do for a number of reasons)

Reading on the net, it seems there are entirely different schools of thought - some people that absolutely think cold turkey is the way to go, others that think you must taper. I don't see any middle ground. And I don't see any reliable information on programs - they all seem to be for-profit detox clinics.

Any advice? Many thanks in advance. :)

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