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Hi Moonlight

Friend, I AM another person who was on Xanax for a very long time.... about 12 years total. So hello, Soulmate. Smiles. Like you, the drug turned on me also and reduced me to a blubbering, sobbing mess before it was all over. I was on both opiate p[ainkillers and Xanax. I tapered first from the opiates and when that was over, I began the taper from Xanax. At my peak, I was taking up to five .5 Xanax a day. When I bregan truly tapering from them, I was down to three tabs a day, in three doses.. morning, afternoon and night.

The most important thing I can tell you to start is that coming off a strong benzo like Xanax needs to be done sooooooo slowly. Much more so than an opiate. Coming off too quickly can lead to seizures, but that aside, the withdrawal symptoms can be really tough, so the slower the better. I did it in months, but in hindsight, I wish I had taken a year or more. When you are reay to start, please don't give tyourself a timeframe. Let your body and mind set the pace for you.

There are different schools of thought about coming off... some doctors believe a switch to Valium is the right course. Some believe just come off what we are on with no switches. I chose not to make a switch and worked from where I was under my family doctor. Time was not a factor... the guideline was to make progress and however long it took, it took.

The first cut was only a quarter of a tab from one of the doses. I stayed there a couple of weeks before I cut a quarter of a tab from another dose. After that, the cuts kept getting asmaller and smaller. A rule of thumb is to never make more than a 5%-10% cut at a time. When the end finally started to rioll around, I was taking crumbs of the tab.

My friend, it is not a walk in the park to come off Xanax, but [U]truly[/U] it can be done. My life is more balanced and stable and rewarding now. I so hope the same for you. I know it can happen for you. Ask any questions you want. There is nothing I am not willing to share to help you through this. As I went through my own withdrawals and fight for my life, so many helped me through it all. I would be honored to do the same for you.

Best, best wishes

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