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Thanks for the above responses; I have called drug hotlines and talked to a couple intervention people and was told that in their opinion she is definately drug related. I have called Project Horizon a group for domestic violence. I think that I may mentioned above that her husband is a severe alcoholic who works out of town all week and when he's home all he does is drink; the children are seeing this, he condems and puts her down constantly, she can never do enough to please him and he expects that she should be superwoman and try to raise the two children by herself since he brings home the pay check. I do know that even during the week while working that he is drunk a couple hours after getting off work, he calls her and fusses and curses her and tells her that she is useless and that he wished that had never married her.

The last couple years I have begged her to seek help for depression, she can sleep 16 hours a day and still feel horrible, she says that's she doesn't feel depressed, but from what I understand someone sleeping that much is a good indicator of depression. The last 4-6 months she has had periods of being so energetic and talking excessively...some of the things she says makes no senses at all. As far a making it sound worse than it is, I can assure you if anything I have made it sound better than it actually is. I live 30 minutes away from my daughter and work full-time and am trying to care for my mother with a terminal brain tumor. I've always heard it said for every rat you see there are 50 that you don't.

I know that from what I have see being up and exciteable for several days then crashing for a couple days something serious is going on, and I realize it could be the ritalin, I'm not ruling that out but I am also being realistic it could be some form of illegal substance. She is constantly pushed from her husband to do everything. He is home approximately 24 hours a week in which he's ususally drunk and he brings all his dirty clothes and dishes from the work week and she has to take care to make sure they are done before he returns to work.

I am trying my best to get her help, but she is still in denial that she is abusing any drugs, I do know that the last couple years she occassionally self medicates on narcotic pain pills or tussinix when she get get them from the doctor, I feel that there are times that she has went in and made it sound worse than what it is in order for her to get pain medication. I know that she does not have access to pain pills daily but when she does get them she will finish the bottle.

I don't know how to help her at this point without her admitting she has a problem, her husband has basically told us to stay out of their business, but she is my daughter and has my grandchildren and I can't just pretend their is nothing going on or that this will get fixed on it's own. She may not be able to stop on her own if she is using perscription or illegal drugs.

I've never dealt with this, but I am making phone calls and trying to find out ways that I can help her. Right now I am just trying to support her and praying that she will open up to me, I'm afraid that if I push her to hard she will not trust me or open up to me. I am just trying to build up her trust in me and assure her that I will help her through this without telling any family members what is going on unless I thought her children were in danger from her than I have to do what needs to be done to protect them.

I appreciate everyone's advice it is more helpful that I can tell you; I thank you for tcaring enough to take your time to respond and everybit of information I get will be able to help and know what to watch for.

Thank you so much, I will keep checking back to see if anyone has additional information that may be helpful also.

Again, thank you and God bless you for responding to my post

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