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I just have to add my two cents here - for what its worth anyway. First off, I have never detoxed or come off of long term pain killers. My pain killer was alcohol. Only one other poster spoke to you about the alcohol and weed. When I was going through wd's I wanted to feel every ounce of pain. Obviousley your an addict. I just have to ask you why you are turning to the alcohol and weed? If your lucky, you wont continue use with them. Or, lilke many alcoholics/addicts you will just switch your addiction to another drug.
Reach posted about not finding anything else to add......... I would like to add that you TAKE AWAY the XANAX. WEED and ALCOHOL. Starting to use a extremely addictive pill to replace one you are trying to get off is insane. Something I learned is to play a situation all the way through:
Ok, you get off the pills. Still cant sleep. Have maybe one drink a night and some smoke. Then the addiction starts to tell you, that two drinks are ok..."I've had a bad day"....... One night you have your drinks and then you have the opportunity to get some pills. Are you in a state of mind to say no? I wasnt when I was intoxicated/high. You have a stash of pills, tell yourself that you wont take more than (fill in the blank) ever night. Play it out according to what ever scenerio that fits you.
If you truly want to recover, you will stop all that crap, put your big girl panties on and deal. If you were like me you would go to any lengths to get your next high/drunk etc, you will go to any lengths to stay sober. Has it been rainbows, puppies and ice cream? Hell no. Nights of no sleep is walk in the park compared to the misery I'm sure you have had.
I wish you sobriety. Addiction with any drug is horrible. Lying, stealing, cheating. I'm grateful that your ready to be done. Just do it.

I know what you are saying and you are 100 % right!My arms just hurt so bad I can't stand it and nothing helps.During the day they don't hurt just when I am laying down.I am going to force myself to have a normal day and tire my body out.I do not like taking all those meds and I know they make me groggy all day along with not sleeping well.I can't wait until I am somewhat ok and my butt is going to a na meeting,god knows I need it.

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