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Wow Reach! That's such an amazing and courageous thing you did by coming clean with all of your docs. It really gives me hope and encouragement to do it with all of my docs - I've already done it with my psychologist and will be doing it shortly with my urologist, but I've been chickening out as far as my primary care doc goes. I think it's because he prescribes me norco each month for my GI problem and I'm afraid that he'll discontinue things. But I guess even if he does stop seeing me I can find someone else and start out the doctor/patient honestly, with everything out on the table at the first appointment.

As for going to the ER in the future (for legit stones or GI stuff) I really like taking the honesty approach.. go figure! It feels more comfortable than being honest about some things and leaving other stuff out. Knowing that they can't refuse to treat my pain I think that being upfront with them will hopefully put their mind at ease that I'm drug seeking. We'll see... at the rate I've been getting kidney stones (every 5 months or so) my next ER visit could be just around the corner... which also gives me a good reason to talk to my uro sooner than later because I'd hate to come clean with the ER doc before my uro and to have him hear about things from someone else besides me. Not good for having a trustworthy relationship!

Boxerluver - thanks for your encouragement! I'm going to continue to update as things move along - with my doctors and my recovery efforts.

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