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I have been looking over this board for some help to some questions I have. I am an addict to hydrocodone. I found a physician whom I like very well who participates in the suboxone program. Back last December 2007, he started me on Subutex and I was on that 3 times daily for about 2 weeks. He then started me on the suboxone 3 times a day at 8 mg each. I am STILL on this dosage. Is this normal to be on this dosage this long? I am getting a little concerned. Is "detoxing" from suboxone as bad as detoxing from hydrocodone? Maybe I am just not educated enough to understand how this suboxone is supposed to work. My doctor tried to explain it to me, but I was under the impression that it would be a lot quicker taper than 7 months. I look so forward to the day when I can go without taking anything and feel good. I'm so tired of this addiction. It has caused so much pain and anguish in my life and I am so tired of disappointing myself as well as those I love. So, I guess my question is much longer can I expect treatment with suboxone to last and how bad is it going to be when I taper. The doctor told me it was very minimal for most all of his suboxone patients if any at all. I'm scared all over again. It's kind of like fighting fire with fire. Can someone explain to me in simple everyday terms...just how is it supposed to work? All the best to everyone. Thanks for being here.

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