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[QUOTE=g8trgrl15;3637280]Hey tiredone.. I like that name.. :)

There are so many mixed opinions about suboxone. My best advice to you is to trust in your Doc. He's got the degree and hopefully knows what is best for you. As you probably know, everyone is different. It all depends on how long you were taking your drug of choice, and how much of it you were taking. Some people stay on sub for life. If you think about it, it's a much better choice than to be in the throes of addiction and taking 10-50 pills a day and wondering where you're going to get your next fix. So am I glad I found it? Absolutely. I too, thought that I would be off of it before now, and I got down to 1mg and stepped off.....but I wasn't fine. In fact, I went 2 weeks and didn't get any better. I just had 0 energy and felt really bad. SO I went back to my sub Dr and he said that my body wasn't producing any natural endorphins, so I needed to be on it a little longer. I only take 2mgs a day.. no more, no less. I think I will go see him one more time and then start a very slow taper if he thinks it's ok. I've been taking it almost 10 months now. But I take it in the morning, and the rest of the day I don't have to worry about anything. I just go about my day. It's wonderful. :) Hope this helps some, and best of luck in your journey!

g8trgrl[/QUOTE]your dr. is correct to say that your body is not producing enough endorphins--that's because you have been on an opiate--which is an artificial opiate that makes your body stop producing it's own. going off ALL OPIATES is the ONLY way your body will ever start to produce on it's own. going back on sub to "produce more endorphins" is absolutely ridiculous!! you're still putting in an artificial opiate--and your body will never start to make endorphins until all the artificial one's are gone! if you want to make more endorphins--get off all opiates and then go on low dose naltrexone and take the amino DLPA. LDN will boost endorphin production by 300%--that is ONLY 3--4.5mg a day at bedtime. not the regular 50mg naltrexone--that defeats the purpose of making more endorphins. but there is NO WAY you will ever start making endorphins while you are on sub! the only thing that will naturally cause your brain to make more endorphins is time--and the longer you're on sub, the longer it will take.

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