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Can they revoke someones probation if they are taking suboxone? I had a UA last week at probation and the opiate line was very very faint. My PO told me I might need to bring in the names of the medications I'm taking the next time I report. This is a prescribed medication, but it is prescribed for a detox program from the drugs I was addicted to that got me put on probation in the first place. I had to have a surgical procedure back last summer and even though I was honest with the doctor about my past addiction to hydrocodone, he prescribed small amounts of pain killers for a short period of time and I got addicted ALL OVER AGAIN! That is the fine line we addicts walk. I live in constant fear that I am going to have to have surgery again someday or might be in an accident and need to be on medications. Anyway, I sought help of a physician who participates in the suboxone program and have been under his treatment since December. I have posted another question with regard to this drug and treatment plus the way it works.

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