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It IS scarey to me to think of never having a pain pill again. But I can do it one day, today. I know it sounds dumb. but it works. If i don't take that first pill, i won't get messed up/crave more/take more/have to detox for the 5th time.

I remember once when i was going to quit drinking. And then we made some plans with 2 other couples for a weekend getaway. I was bummed out that i wasn't going to be able to "party"! So i got drunk in January over a vacation to be taken in June. When the time came, i was the only woman drinking heavily and even the guys got tired of my behavior. So there ya go, I am an alcoholic and i can't don't drink like normal people. (I did finally achieve long term sobriety but relapsed after i got hooked on percocet) And i am addicted to percocet and dependent on valium and i can't take them and control my usage.

For me there is no chemical peace of mind. It is a lie. jmho.
no offence taken im just relating to my detox. i think for me i told my wife for the support to quit for one, but also to keep from relapse. its like the feeling u have now of causing pain to him is what im hoping will keep me off, knowing if i got back into the same stuff it would crush her. kind of make sense? anyways ill drop that topic heh

as for your detox im not the best at math but hmmm 240 pills, 2 weeks, so roughly 17 per day, wich is very dangerous to the liver alone. i dont think those 10 you have now are going to do much for you. i would just try taking them when you feel really bad, not all 10 either just 2 or 3, just to get you to wednesday or so, so you dont hurt at work so bad, then just quit the darn things, that should put your hardest days of wd on the weekend when you can chill out and take hot bath after hot bath :) i should have done something like that but i missed last tuesday through friday from work and give you all the credit in the world for going in knowing whats comin >< trust me A it feels so good knowing

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