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Hi and welcome, I am a percocet, oxycodone addict and I am in my 3rd day of detox. I took about 6 to 7 percs a day, received a weekly RX for 49 from my pain mgmt doctor. I also developed a dependence on xanax and my psychologist switched me to valium and i have tapered from 80 mg to 7 1/2 mg. I have had no rehab, have not tried to get drugs illegally, been hospitalized. But I was getting high on my percs. I don't even know what my real pain level is, because i popped a pill every 5 hours for 4 years. I am a recovering alcoholic and at one point had 10 years of sobriety, until I started taking the percs. I keep trying to stay sober, but over the last 2 years have not been able to get more than 9 months under my belt. I go to AA. I have the strong desire to change because I want to be me, the real me and experience life on life terms. I am sick and tired of being chained to the percs. (I was also addicted to cocaine for about 2 years in the mid 80's)

I have a close friend that recently od'ed on hydrocodone for the 4th time. She stopped breathing and suffered brain damage.

I want to say that this could be your bottom. You hit bottom when you have a moment of clarity and see what you are doing to yourself and your loved ones, what you have become, the extremes you go to get the drugs. You hit bottom when you stop digging. For some people, it takes jail, prison, hospitalization from overdosing, mental institutions, or forced rehab to reach that moment of clarity. But you don't have to go through all that, you can choose to stop now and go to any length to get straight and that means getting the help you need.

You can post here for days like many members, going on about how much you take, how you get them, how much you hate what you have become and still not change.

Now is the time to talk to your family, your doctor, and check into getting into a rehab or getting on suboxone--working with an addiction specialist.

You have vented. You have come here for support and to get honest. You will receive that from the people here. But does it do any good if you aren't going to get help? You are killing yourself, your spirit. Life is so short. I don't want to look back on my life and think I was so stupid to waste it taking drugs. I don't want to end up old in a nursing home still addicted and some nurse forgetting to give me my pill.

i am tired of living that life. I hope that you will join me and many others on this board who are in recovery. There is a post not too far down, a great success story, please read it.


[I]You are the rest of us.[/I]

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